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Riveting from beginning to end, Modified reads like a hard-hitting investigative thriller. Shetterly is a thorough, even-handed journalist and a clear, persuasive writer. Ground-breaking and explosive, this is a book for everyone who wants to understand what they are feeding themselves and their families. Reading it has opened my eyes and changed the way I buy food.
— Kate Christensen, author of The Great Man and Blue Plate Special

Modified: GMOs and the Threat to Our Food, Our Land, Our Future

After she was diagnosed with a sensitivity to genetically modified corn—and discovered that her toddler son was suffering from the same condition—Caitlin Shetterly set out to ask these questions.

The answers, and her hard-fought journey to learn them, are here in Modified, a disquieting and meditative window into GMOs and how they are modifying not only the food we eat and our landscape, but our entire ecosystem.

Modified delves deep into the heart of the matter, from the corn and soy fields that blanket Nebraska to a beekeeping convention in Belgium to research labs in California, and shines a light on the farmers, scientists, politicians, activists, and corporations all wrestling over a most essential question: Are GMOs safe? This is a rare breed of book that will make you nostalgic for the majestic beauty that America’s Great Plains once held, while at the same time forcing you to harvest deep seeds of doubt about the invisible monsters that come to us in the foods we feed ourselves and our families.

Spellbinding and devastating, soulful and startling, Modified opens the door, in prose that is both beautiful and clear, to the provocative conversation about genetic modification and the irreversible damage it may be causing. A mustread for those on both sides of the debate and anywhere in between..

Learn more about Caitlin's writing process here.

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Photo Credit: Daniel E. Davis

Photo Credit: Daniel E. Davis


The Bad Seed

With symptoms including headaches, nausea, rashes, and fatigue, Caitlin Shetterly visited doctor after doctor searching for a cure for what ailed her. What she found, after years of misery and bafflement was as unlikely as it was utterly common...


After The Bad Seed ran, Big Ag attacked Caitlin. Here was Elle's response:

Let's Discuss (Again): The GMO Food Debate

Praise for Modified

Caitlin Shetterly has written a passionate, provocative book that undoubtedly will be studied and scrutinized for the history it presents, and the stand it takes. It offers us Shetterly’s own intimate journey, sparked by personal desperation and real curiosity. And like the best of books, it mixes the domestic with the global, the scientific with the quixotic in an attempt to understand the dangers of the food we eat. Intrepid, urgent, prescriptive, and ultimately revelatory, Modified is important for our times.
— Michael Paterniti, author of The Telling Room and Love and Other Ways of Dying
Modified is the intriguing and compelling story of one woman’s brave pursuit of her own health—and the facts about the food we eat. A thoroughly consuming read.
— Lily King, author of Euphoria
Shetterly’s accessible, well-researched, and damning work brings clarity to an often fuzzy debate.
— –Publisher’s Weekly, starred review
Intensely personal…a compelling case that consumers worldwide need more education on this important issue.
Publisher’s Weekly, Most Anticipated Book for Fall 2016
Shetterly adroitly raises a plethora of questions about the purported safety and benefits of genetically modified crops. GMOs may turn out to be fine, but very little independent research has been conducted, and the industry remains hostile to transparency.
— Publisher's Weekly, Best Books 2016
Caitlin Shetterly’s powerful new book, Modified, through dogged research and with the fierce determination of a mother, exposes, in elegant prose, the wholesale genetic modification of our food supply. Her personal odyssey pursuing the truth, colored with clear scientific and historical context, is a clarion call about the dangers of corporate control of our food supply and, importantly, what people can do about it.
— Amy Goodman, host and executive producer, Democracy Now!
Sometimes people ask me why activists oppose GMO crops. This book by Caitlin Shetterly, both personal and provocative, provides as clear and detailed an answer as I’ve seen. No matter your take on this issue, you’ll want to read and consider Modified.
— Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth and Deep Economy
[Shetterly’s] passionate advocacy, combined with descriptions of multiple research studies and interviews with scientists, doctors, and farmers, makes a compelling case that consumers worldwide need more education on this important issue.
Library Journal, starred review
More so than definitive answers, the questions that Shetterly advances are a persuasive reminder of how important the continued fight for true transparency in the food industry is.
— Goop, Hard-Hitting Nonfiction Guide
[E]ye-opening…. Modified is [Shetterly’s] passionate and rather horrifying account of what is happening in the heartland and to our food supply.
— Vogue

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